Salvagnini, P4X-3216-ABA, 2011

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Peter Maurer (wms)
Registration Date: Oct 06, 2015
Company Name: WMS Walter Maschinenservice GmbH & Co. KG
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Maurer
Street: Wiesenweg
No.: 4
ZIP code: 4210
City: Gallneukirchen
Country: Austria
Fax: +43 (7235) 213-80
Phone: +43 (7235) 213-80
Additional Email:
VAT No.: ATU67627860
About me: Walter Maschinen Service GmbH & Co KG is your professional partner and specialist in systems for the metalworking industry. We asked the maintenance, repair, tool revisions P4 u. S4, equipment relocation and subsequent training of your personnel to the task.
Manufacturer: Salvagnini
Model: P4X-3216-ABA
Built: 2011
Reference Number: WMS193071
Technical Specification
Max. Sheet Length (mm): 3250
Max. Sheet Width (mm): 2350
Max. Sheet Diagonale (mm): 4000
Max. Sheet Thickness Fe32 (mm): 3,0
Max. Sheet Thickness Stainless (mm): 1,5
Max. Sheet Thickness Alu (mm): 2,0
Min. Sheet Thickness (mm): 0,5
Max. Bending Length (mm): 3250
Max. Bending Height (mm): 165
Description: TCV3015.CT.RPC+PCD4015.RVA.VE1.MOTAX+RIP3515+P4X-3216.LS1.LIA.ABA30/400/130.ZLC.ZTL.LK.SPA.NS.CLA/A1500.CLA/N/A1500.CUT.P.ULC001.PSE.UC570.UC570/N.UP131.UPCUT01+SAP341618.POS

Automatic and manual loading of sheets: PCD 4015 + TCV 3015 loading table
Option to turnover sheets: RIP 3515
Automatic bending length adjustment: ABA 30/400/130
Additional bending length adjustment: CLA 1500mm length, positive
Automatic unloading of bended parts: SAP
Loading of Sheets: Automatically, Manually
Unloading of Sheets: Automatically
Machine Condition: Very Good
Machine State: In Production
Operating Hours (h): 7000